The Grackle in my hand

So at about 2 PM, as the sleet starts and wind is blowing, I hear a big thud at the window. I know the sound, bird has crashed.

ALL BIRD LIVES MATTER –  an  awww story… good ending with 2 short videos.



At about 2 PM, as the sleet starts and wind is blowing, I hear a big thud at the window. I know the sound, bird has crashed. I gather myself up outta the sicky bed here and sure enough, a younger grackle is lying stunned on the ground in the dog pen. It’s cold and raining/sleety, so I pick it up and bring it inside to check it out. He seemed to have all working parts, just stunned. As usual, because this is a rather common occurrence with so many birds, and so many windows,  I gave it a minute to see if he’ll be all right. Looked to be okay. After just holding it lightly, with the dogs watching my every move,  I took him out the front door, where the flock of them have been hanging out, and prepared to let him go.

Of course no story would be complete without some video, so I had camera in one hand, and birdy in the other.

The first part of the release,    free to go, but he hangs around a few minutes
Then this is the second part, where he finally leaves the ground: 

Birdy flew up into the tree after letting me pet him for a while. Awesomely cool when I let him go and he actually walked back to me. Beautiful nature. All took place over the course of about 1/2 hour.

And a few pictures of the star of the show.

When things like this happen, I feel like Snow White in Disney movies.  If only you could hear the sounds of the whole flock – many species and types – all singing for their breakfast and extolling the virtues (or not) of the sunrise and weather.  I’ll keep feeding you birdies, and you keep coming back to entertain me.  Better than any social media or television or newspaper or movie – REAL LIFE.

Who else had the opportunity today to pet a wild grackle and pretend you were Dr. Doolittle?



Author: NEK Freelance Writer and Photographer

I live deep in the woods of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, about 20 minutes from either Canada or New Hampshire. I have a husband who is a cop, a daughter who is an athlete and very smart, and 3 big dogs who keep me busy. My lawn is full of perennial flowers and I am a certified Master Gardener. My first love though, is nature and wildlife and taking photographs. My second love is writing, and if I have an opinion or issue you'll hear about it, and I'm not afraid to speak my mind about things - including politics and what I think is wrong (and right!) with this world today. Stay tuned, I'm just starting out with this blog. I've got a lot to say and hope to add content regularly. If you don't like a certain subject, then just skip any category you don't feel you would upset you or you wouldn't enjoy.

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