The Mourning Dove

First post in the blog… let’s start with the soft coo, coo, coo – as I watch it from across the road.  It’s pouring rain but he sat there for about 15 minutes.

Mourning Dove in the icy rain yesterday

Author: NEK Freelance Writer and Photographer

I live deep in the woods of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, about 20 minutes from either Canada or New Hampshire. I have a husband who is a cop, a daughter who is an athlete and very smart, and 3 big dogs who keep me busy. My lawn is full of perennial flowers and I am a certified Master Gardener. My first love though, is nature and wildlife and taking photographs. My second love is writing, and if I have an opinion or issue you'll hear about it, and I'm not afraid to speak my mind about things - including politics and what I think is wrong (and right!) with this world today. Stay tuned, I'm just starting out with this blog. I've got a lot to say and hope to add content regularly. If you don't like a certain subject, then just skip any category you don't feel you would upset you or you wouldn't enjoy.